Reverse the damage of diabetic neuropathy with Advanced Nerve and Laser Center

Diabetic neuropathy is a serious complication from diabetes. More than half of people with diabetes will develop neuropathy, or nerve pain. In the past, there have been ways to treat the symptoms, but not the root cause.

Dr. Bao Thai of Advanced Nerve and Laser Center studied, explored the world, and developed technologies to not only treat diabetic neuropathy, but reverse the damage. He found that the body wants to heal the nerve and that over time it will heal. The treatment developed by Dr. Thai is non-invasive, pain free and helps the body repair the nerves without surgery or medication.

Advanced Nerve and Laser Center has a limited time offer for Great Day Houston viewers. For $97, the first 17 callers will get a copy of Dr. Thai’s “Healthy Diet to Heal Nerve Damage” book, a bottle of nerve repair supplement, a seven-point sensory examination, and one treatment of Dr. Thai’s nerve regenerative process. This is a $399 value.

Call Advanced Nerve and Laser Center now at 832-626-1260.

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