Preventing T2D May Be Tougher With Impaired Fasting Glucose

CME Author: Zeena Nackerdien

Study Authors: Joshua J. Joseph, Aleena Bennett, et al.; Hareld Kemps, Nicolle Kränkel, et al.

Target Audience and Goal Statement:

Endocrinologists, cardiologists, and primary care physicians

The goal was to learn whether ideal cardiovascular health (CVH) is linked to lower diabetes risk across all glycemic levels, to explore racial differences, and to understand the role of exercise in heart disease and diabetes.

Questions Addressed:

The following questions were addressed in this review of two papers: Does the association of ideal CVH with lower diabetes risk vary based on glycemic status (normal fasting vs impaired fasting glucose or IFG)?

Was there a difference in the magnitude of ideal CVH components with lower diabetes risk among African-Americans versus whites? What are expert recommendations about implementation of a behavioral modification, such as exercise, in patients with both diabetes and heart disease? Synopsis and Perspective: Seven steps to ideal CVH were summarized by the American Heart Association (AHA) with " Life’s Simple 7" — manage blood pressure (BP), control cholesterol, reduce blood sugar, get active, eat better, lose weight, and stop smoking.Improving factors beneficial to heart health can also lower the risk for diabetes; however, "recent analyses challenged the notion whether association of ideal CVH with diabetes risk differed for participants with higher levels of diabetes risk (i.e. IFG, African-Americans) compared with participants at lower baseline risk (i.e. normal fasting glucose, whites)," according to Joshua Joseph, MD, of Wexner Medical Center at the Ohio State University in Columbus, and colleagues in Diabetologia .The authors embarked on a secondary analysis of data from the Reasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke ( REGARDS ) study to assess whether whether the link between ideal CVH with diabetes risk differed for participants with higher levels of diabetes risk (IFG of 5.6-6.9 […]

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